Women’s Camanachd Association National Division 1 2016-2018

Women's Camanachd Association Logo
Women’s Camanachd Association Logo [Reference: 1]

WCA National Div 1 2016

Lochaber $731317129
Glasgow Mid Argyll74032188
Badenoch & Strathspey Ladies831419197
All Stars Ladies0000000
Women’s Camanachd Association National Division 1 2016 [Reference: 3]

WCA National Div 1 2017

Skye **11801611320
Badenoch &Strathspey Ladies *11703451316
Glasgow Mid Argyll1030525256
Anerdour *1220919626
Fort William #720516473
Lovat ###101051640-4
Women’s Camanachd Association National Division 1 2017 [Reference: 4]

WCA National Div 1 2018

Badenoch & Strathspey Ladies1412111101125
Aberdour ###1460826689
Glasgow Mid Argyll ###14401020555
Fort William #####14401025753
Ardnamurhan Ladies14101351262
Women’s Camanachd Association National Division 1 2018 [Reference: 5]


Skye, from the Island off the West Coast of Scotland, won the Women’s Camanachd Association National Division 1 three years running from 2016 to 2018, improving as they went along. Fiona Cruikshank became the Club’s first female Chair that year, creating another piece of history along with the National Championship.

Skye Camanachd Ladies team - Women's Camanachd Association National Division Champions 2018
Skye Camanachd Ladies team – Women’s Camanachd Association National Division Champions 2018 [Reference: 6][Photo Credit: Willie Urquhart]

About Scottish Shinty

Shinty (also known as Camanachd) is the Scottish version of Hurling and Camogie, played mostly in the Gaelic-speaking Scottish Highlands. It has both Men’s and Women’s Leagues and Cups, and also University and Underage Competitions. It is 12-a-side, played with a stick and ball like in Hurling, but with no point-over-the-bar, just goals.

Shinty.com Logo
Shinty.com Logo [Reference: 2]



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