Leinster Hockey Association South East League 2016-17

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Leinster Hockey Logo [References: 1]

Final Table

LHA South East LeaguePWDLFAPts
Kilkenny 1st (C)660029118
Wexford 1st650137315
Enniscorthy HC 1st640218512
Carlow 1st63039249
Gorey 1st62049226
Wexford 2nd61056203
Enniscorthy HC 2nd60060330
[References: 2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
25.09.2016Wexford 1st10Carlow 1st0
25.09.2016Kilkenny 1st2Enniscorthy HC 1st0
25.09.2016Wexford 2nd1Gorey 1st3
Week 2
02.10.2016Enniscorthy HC 1st4Wexford 2nd0
02.10.2016Carlow 1st2Gorey 1st1
02.10.2016Enniscorthy HC 2nd0Wexford 1st12
Week 3
07.10.2016Enniscorthy HC 2nd0Enniscorthy HC 1st3
11.10.2016Wexford 2nd0Wexford 1st4
Week 4
16.10.2016Enniscorthy HC 1st7Gorey 1st1
16.10.2016Carlow 1st3Enniscorthy HC 2nd0
16.10.2016Kilkenny 1st2Wexford 1st1
Week 3 Rescheduled
31.10.2016Gorey 1st0Kilkenny 1st4
Week 5
06.11.2016Wexford 1st8Gorey 1st0
06.11.2016Carlow 1st4Wexford 2nd3
06.11.2016Kilkenny 1st9Enniscorthy HC 2nd0
Week 6
20.11.2016Wexford 2nd0Kilkenny 1st5
20.11.2016Gorey 1st4Enniscorthy HC 2nd0
20.11.2016Enniscorthy HC 1st3Carlow 1st0
Week 7
04.12.2016Enniscorthy HC 1st1Wexford 1st2
04.12.2016Carlow 1st0Kilkenny 1st7
04.12.2016Enniscorthy HC 2nd0Wexford 2nd2
[References: 2]

Legend / Key: (C) Champions


Kilkenny won the South East League in Hockey in 2016-17, with all matches going to form. Wexford finished second, Enniscorthy HC third, Carlow fourth, Gorey fifth and the seconds teams of Wexford and Enniscorthy HC took the bottom two spots in the seven team league. Each of the 1st teams bar Carlow 1st joined the Leinster League for 2017-18. Carlow 1st and the 2nds teams of Kilkenny, Wexford and Carlow and Enniscorthy HC 3rds played in a new Sunday League which replaced the South East League.



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