Rugby League Ireland | Carnegie (Elite) League 2008

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Final Table

*Treaty City Titans1072135
*Carlow Crusaders1062233
North Dublin Eagles1051427
Dublin City Exiles1043327
Tullamore Knights101277
Portadown Pumas102176

Reference: [1]


DateHome TeamAway Team
27.08.2008Treaty City Titans8Carlow Crusaders24

Reference: [1]

League Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
17.05.2008Portadown Pumas28Treaty City Titans44
17.05.2008Tullamore Knights8Dublin City Exiles12
17.05.2008Carlow Crusaders21North Dublin Eagles16
Week 2
24.05.2008Portadown Pumas58North Dublin Eagles26
24.05.2008Treaty City Titans24Tullamore Knights0
24.05.2008Dublin City Exiles24Carlow Crusaders24
Week 3
31.05.2008Tullamore Knights42Portadown Pumas24
31.05.2008North Dublin Eagles64Dublin City Exiles32
31.05.2008Carlow Crusaders14Treaty City Titans42
Week 4
14.06.2008Portadown Pumas36Dublin City Exiles28
14.06.2008Treaty City Titans18North Dublin Eagles28
14.06.2008Carlow Crusaders42Tullamore Knights10
Round 5
21.06.2008Treaty City TitanspDublin City Exilesp
21.06.2008Tullamore Knights10North Dublin Eagles28
21.06.2008Carlow Crusaders24Portadown Pumas0
Round 6
28.06.2008Treaty City Titans24Portadown Pumas0
28.06.2008Dublin City Exiles70Tullamore Knights20
28.06.2008North Dublin Eagles16Carlow Crusaders37
Round 7
12.07.2008Tullamore Knights0Treaty City Titans99
12.07.2008Carlow Crusaders28Dublin City Exiles28
12.07.2008North Dublin Eagles24Portadown Pumas0
Round 8
19.07.2008Portadown Pumas0Tullamore Knights0
19.07.2008Treaty City Titans48Carlow Crusaders18
19.07.2008Dublin City Exiles44North Dublin Eagles36
Round 9
02.08.2008Tullamore Knights0Carlow Crusaders24
02.08.2008Dublin City Exiles24Portadown Pumas0
02.08.2008North Dublin Eagles0Treaty City Titans0
Round 10
09.08.2008Portadown Pumas24Carlow Crusaders50
09.08.2008Dublin City Exiles18Treaty City Titans24
09.08.2008North Dublin Eagles70Tullamore Knights26

Reference: [2]


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