Indoor Football League 2013-Present

Indoor Football League Logo [Reference: 10]

IFL 2013

United Conference
*Sioux Falls Storm141040645500.714
*Cedar Rapids Titans14950744569.643
Chicago Slaughter14950598602.643
Green Bay Blizzard144100622652.286
Intense Conference
*Nebraska Danger141040767655.714
*Colorado Ice14950651579.429
Tri-Cities Fever14680626591.429
Wyoming Cavalry141130433754.071
Indoor Football League 2013 Standings [Reference: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
Conference Finals
22.06.2013Colorado Ice50Nebraska Danger55
22.06.2013Cedar Rapids Titans20Sioux Falls Storm44
2013 United Bowl
29.06.2013Sioux Falls Storm43Nebraska Danger40
Indoor Football League Playoffs 2013 [Reference: 1]

IFL 2014

United Conference
*Sioux Falls Storm141310754500.929
*Cedar Rapids Titans141130689597.786
Green Bay Blizzard142120615769.143
Intense Conference
*Nebraska Danger141040684540.714
*Colorado Ice141040708503.714
Tri-Cities Fever14860761671.571
Wyoming Cavalry141130441931.071
Indoor Football League 2014 Standings [Reference: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
Conference Finals
19.06.2014Colorado Ice15Nebraska Danger45
21.06.2014Sioux Falls Storm73Cedar Rapids Titans36
2014 United Bowl
28.06.2014Sioux Falls Storm63Nebraska Danger46
Indoor Football League Playoffs 2014 [Reference: 1]

IFL 2015

United Conference
*Sioux Falls Storm1414008844811.000
*Cedar Rapids Titans14950642487.643
Green Bay Blizzard14680620715.429
Iowa Barnstormers14680528631.429
Intense Conference
*Nebraska Danger141040739636.714
*Tri-Cities Fever14860648655.571
Colorado Ice14680658666.429
Billings Wolves14590638663.357
Wichita Falls Nighthawks144100546615.286
Indoor Football League 2015 Standings [Reference: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
Conference Finals
26.06.2015Nebraska Danger86Tri-Cities Fever43
27.06.2015Sioux Falls Storm34Cedar Rapids Titans12
2015 United Bowl
11.07.2015Sioux Falls Storm62Nebraska Danger27
Indoor Football League Playoffs 2015 [Reference: 2]

IFL 2016

United Conference
*Sioux Falls Storm161510951720.938
*Cedar Rapids Titans161240781628.750
Wichita Falls Nighthawks1611501001861.688
Green Bay Blizzard165110682932.313
Iowa Barnstormers164120737838.250
Intense Conference
*Spokane Empire161240815709.750
*Billings Wolves16880643647.500
Nebraska Danger166100765794.375
Colorado Crush164120849914.250
Tri-Cities Fever163130577758.188
Indoor Football League Standings 2016 [Reference: 3]
DateHome TeamAway Team
09.07.2016Cedar Rapids Titans66Wichita Falls Nighthawks36
09.07.2016Billings Wolves52Nebraska Danger64
Conference Championships
16.07.2016Sioux Falls Storm54Cedar Rapids Titans28
17.07.2016Spokane Empire55Nebraska Danger44
2016 United Bowl
23.07.2016Sioux Falls Storm55Spokane Empire34
Indoor Football League Playoffs 2016 [Reference: 4]

IFL 2017

United Conference
*Sioux Falls Storm161420769467.875
*Iowa Barnstormers161330702580.813
Wichita Falls Nighthawks161240832745.750
Green Bay Blizzard163130513565.188
Cedar Rapids Titans161150494780.063
Intense Conference
*Arizona Rattlers161240782610.750
*Nebraska Danger16970717660.563
Spokane Empire16880654677.500
Salt Lake Screaming Eagles165110675762.333
Colorado Crush163130629821.188
Indoor Football League Standings 2017 [Reference: 5]
DateHome TeamAway Team
Conference Championships
24.06.2017Sioux Falls Storm66Iowa Barnstormers32
24.06.2017Arizons Rattlers62Nebraska Danger36
2017 United Bowl
08.07.2017Sioux Falls Storm41Arizona Rattlers50
Indoor Football League Playoffs 2017 [Reference: 6]

IFL 2018

*Iowa Barnstormers141130648493.786
*Arizona Rattlers141130746567.786
*Siox Falls Storm141130724577.786
*Nebraska Danger144100525592.286
Cedar Rapids Titans143110543733.214
Green Bay Blizzard142120421645.143
Indoor Football League Standings 2018 [Reference: 6]
DateHome TeamAway Team
Conference Championships
22.06.2018Iowa Barnstormers48Nebraska Danger17
23.06.2018Arizona Rattlers68Sioux Falls Storm69
2018 United Bowl
07.07.2018Iowa Barnstormers42Sioux Falls Storm38
Indoor Football League Playoffs 2018 [Reference: 7]

IFL 2019

*Arizona Rattlers1414008795101.000
*Iowa Barnstormers141220716522.857
*Sioux Falls Storm141130738589.786
*Green Bay Blizzard14950590521.643
*Nebraska Danger14770714656.500
*Tucson Sugar Skulls14770728705.500
Quad Cities Steamwheelers14680709650.429
Bismarck Bucks142120474751.143
Cedar Rapids River Kings141130413730.071
San Diego Strike Force141130524871.071
Indoor Football League 20q19 Standings [Reference: 8]
DateHome TeamAway Team
1st Round Playoffs
21.06.2019Green Bay Blizzard40Nebraska Dangers45
23.06.2019Sioux Falls Storm50Tucson Sugar Skulls47
Conference Championships
29.06.2019Iowa Barnstormers50Sioux Falls Storm52
29.06.2019Arizona Rattlers62Nebraska Danger45
2019 United Bowl
13.07.2019Arizona Rattlers53Sioux Falls Storm56
Indoor Football League 2019 Playoffs [Reference: 9]


Sioux Falls Storm went on a winning streak, winning the 2011-2016 United Bowls, inclusive. In 2012 they beat Nebraska Danger 43-40, the following year they dispatched the same side 63-46, and then in 2015 completed a three-in-a-row over Nebraska Danger 62-27. They won their sixth-in-a-row in 2016, 55-34 over Spokane Empire, before finally being dethroned in 2017, losing to former Arena Football League Major League side Arizona Rattlers 50-41.

They lost again in United Bowl 42-38 against another former AFL side, Iowa Barnstormers, before gaining revenge over Arizona in the 2019 United Bowl, winning 56-53. In all it was a remarkable 10th United Bowl appearance in-a-row, seven of which they won.

About the IFL

The Indoor Football League is a AAA Professional American Football League, playing 8v8 Arena Football, which was founded in 2009 from the merger of the United Football League and the Intense Football League. Its’ reach was National in USA as it was notable for being the first Pro League to put teams in Alaska. In 2013 it became a League operating solely west of the Mississippi after losing its East Coast Franchises to the Professional Indoor Football League (see: )

About Indoor Football

Indoor Football, also known as Arena Football was developed in 1986 as an 8v8 form of Indoor American Football. After an initial few seasons where the game was developed with a 4 team league, a full seasons League with eventually over a dozen teams was developed in the 1990 which was considered by the Wall Street Journal to be a fifth major.

The Arena Football League over-expanded in the 2000s with a Minor League, and its importance (and number of teams) waned since it first experienced financial diffulties  in 2009, and it ceased operations after the 2019 season due to the legacy debt incurred.

There is now, however, Indoor Football Leagues all over America, all of which would now be considered Minor League or Semi-Pro (AAA, AA, or even A)

Indoor Football is played on a 50-yard field with two 8-yard endzones, and teams have 5 downs (attempts) to reach the endzone or the ball is turned over. 3 of those downs must be passing plays, making Indoor Football highly explosive and high scoring.


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