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Flying Ducks32011594
NI Tridents B320114114
Latvian Hawks B310213152
Celtic Clovers3102292

Reference: Compiled from Table in [9] and Result in [10] GF-GA Compiled from Results in [3-8]

Results & Fixtures

DateHome TeamAway Team
23.09.2019NI Tridents B5Latvian Hawks B4
28.09.2019Latvian Hawks B6Flying Ducks10
05.10.2019Celtic Clovers0Latvian Hawks B3
12.10.2019Flying Ducks5NI Tridents B3
21.10.2019NI Tridents B6Celtic Clovers2
02.11.2019Celtic Cloversw/oFlying Ducksscr.
23.11.2019Flying DucksCeltic Clovers
07.12.2019Flying DucksLatvian Hawks B

Reference: [3-6]

Match Reports

Week 1 (23 September 2019): NI Tridents B 5 Latvian Hawks B 4

Week 2 (28 September 2019): Latvian Hawks B 6 Flying Ducks 10

The Hawks had experience but the young Ducks skaters had the fuel in the third as they ran out 10-6 winners in a thrilling night. [6]

Week 4 (12 October 2019): Flying Ducks 5 NI Tridents B 3

The Tridents played a point-to-point game but the Ducks flew togehter and came out 5-3 winners. Ingus Divinis (4 Points) and Daragh Daly (3 Points) had impressive games for the Flying Ducks. [7]

Week 5 (21 October 2019): NI Tridents B 6 Celtic Clovers 2

The Celtic Clovers were on fire in the first period, and the Tridents B had no answer as the Clovers deservedly finished 2-0 up. After getting the hair-dryer treatment from the bench the Tridents B came out all-guns-blazing in the second period, catching the Clovers unawares with two quick goals. The Clovers looked a bit shell-shocked, but that didn’t last long. They were however, unable to get past the dogged-resistance of the Tridents. The Final Period was end-to-end Hockey with neither team giving an inch, but the Home Team Tridents found the extra fuel to score another three goals, leaving it 6-2 at the end. [8]

Week 6 (2 November 2019): Celtic Clovers w/o Flying Ducks scr.

Due to circumstances beyond their control, the Flying Ducks had to forfeit their match with the Celtic Clovers. [10]


Social Media

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