Bandy Super League (Russia) 2018-19

Russian Bandy Super League Logo [2]


SKA-Neftyanik Khabarovsk2826112597679
Dynamo Moscow28211614710664
Yenisei Krasnoyarsk28192719010159
Baikal-Energy Irkutsk28173813910554
Vodnik Arckhangelsk28163914710451
Ural Trubnik Pervouralsk281531012111548
Dynamo Kazan281441012911646
Kuzbass Kemerovo281511214411446
Sibselmash Novosibirsk281151213214138
Start Nizhny Novgorod281151211012038
Murman Murmansk2892177412129
Builder Syktyvkar28821810116326
Volga Ulyanovsk2834219517313
Sharp Krasnogorsk2834218319813
Homeland of Kirov281225621805

Reference: [1]


Quarter-Finals5-9 March 2019(Best-of-3)
SKA-Neftyanik Khabarovsk2Kuzbass Kemerovo 06-4, 6-1
Baikal-Energy Irkutsk2Vodnik13-9, 7-3, 4-3
Ural Trubnik Pervouralsk2Yenisei Krasnoyarsk03-2, 2-1
Dynamo Moscow2Dynamo Kazan12-4, 12-2, 5-1
Semi-Finals12-20 March 2019(Best-of-5)
SKA-Neftyanik Khabarovsk3Baikal-Energy Irkutsk08-4, 17-1, 7-3
Dynamo Moscow3Ural Trubnik Pervouralsk08-1, 4-2, 5-4
3rd/4th Place23-27 March 2019(Best-of-3)
Ural Trubnik Pervouralsk2Baikal-Energy Irkutsk06-5, 7-2
Final23-31 March 2019(Best-of-5)
SKA-Neftyanik Khabarovsk3Dynamo Moscow05-3, 9-3, 5-0

Reference: [1]


Bandy is sometimes known as Russian Hockey, where it is called Hockey with a Ball, rather than Hockey with a Puck (Ice Hockey). It is a game played on Ice very similar to Ice Hockey, the Major Difference being Bandy uses a Ball rather than a puck.

A version is played in community centres (without the ice or skates) in Ireland, known as Innebandy or Ball-Hockey.



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