Futbol Americano de Mexico 2019

Futbol Americano de Mexico Logo 2020 [Ref: 1]

Final Standings 2019

*Pioneros de Queretaro853010
*Bulldogs de Naucalpan 853010
*Centauros de Ciudad Juarez84408
*Titanes CDMX83506
Tequileros de Jalisco83506
Futbol Americano de Mexico Standings 2019 [Ref: Compiled from: 2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
11.05.2019Centauros de Ciudad Juarez22Bulldogs de Naucalpan14
12.05.2019Pioneros de Queretaro13Titanes CDMX12
26.05.2019Pioneros de Queretaro16Centauros de Ciudad Juarez0
Futbol Americano de Mexico Playoffs 2019 [Ref: Compiled from: 2]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
24.02.2019Tequileros de Jalisco19Bulldogs de Naucalpan22
24.02.2019Pioneros de Queretaro9Titanes CDMX11
Week 2
03.03.2019Centauros de Ciudad Juarez0Pioneros de Queretaro17
03.03.2019Titanes CDMX19Tequileros de Jalisco14
Week 3
10.03.2019Tequileros de Jalisco34Centauros de Ciudad Juarez10
10.03.2019Bulldogs de Naucalpan15Titanes CDMX12
Week 4
17.03.2019Centauros de Ciudad Juarez20Bulldogs de Naucalpan15
17.03.2019Pioneros de Queretaro25Tequileros de Jalisco20
Week 5
24.03.2019Titanes CDMX6Centauros de Ciudad Juarez34
24.03.2019Bulldogs de Naucalpan8Pioneros de Queretaro6
Week 6
31.03.2019Tequileros de Jalisco8Titanes CDMX16
31.03.2019Pioneros de Queretaro7Bulldogs de Naucalpan6
Week 7
07.04.2019Centauros de Ciudad Juarez24Tequileros de Jalisco16
07.04.2019Titanes CDMX11Pioneros de Queretaro12
Week 8
14.04.2019Tequileros de Jalisco15Pioneros de Queretaro6
14.04.2019Bulldogs de Naucalpan27Centauros de Ciudad Juarez20
Week 9
28.04.2019Centauros de Ciudad Juarez1Titanes CDMX0 #
28.04.2019Bulldogs de Naucalpan17Tequileros de Jalisco42
Week 10
05.05.2019Titanes CDMX18Bulldogs de Naucalpan22
05.05.2019Pioneros de Queretaro26Centauros de Ciudad Juarez23 ot
Futbol Americano de Mexico Regular Season Results 2019 [Ref: 2]


Futbol Americano Mexico (FAM) was started in 2018, playing its first season in 2019, as a rival to the Liga Futbol Americano Profesional (LFA) in Mexico. It was the first league other than the NFL to play by NFL rules, with the exception of overtime, which is by NCAA rules. All other leagues outside of America, bar the Canadian Football League (which has its own rules) are played under NCAA rules. [Ref: 4]

Pioneros de Queretaro won the first FAM Final, defeating Centauros de Ciudad Juarez 16-0. Pioneros thus won what was essentially a promotion to the ranks of the LFA for 2020. The regular season was very competitive, with no team finishing better than 5-3 and no team worse than 3-5. Four of the five teams made the playoffs: Pionerors de Queretaro beat Titanes CDMX 13-12 in a close encounter in the second semi-final, while in the first, Centauros de Ciudad Juarez, ranked second for the playoffs due to a ruling from the administration, beat Bulldogs de Naucalpan 22-14 in the first semi-final. [Ref: 2; 6]

Pioneros de Queretaro FAM Champions 2019 [Ref: 5]



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