Champions Indoor Football 2015-Present

Champions Indoor Football Logo [Reference: 9]

Champions Indoor Football 2015

Sioux City Bandits141130856649.786
Texas Revolution14950738578.643
Wichita Force13850580575.615
Dodge City Law12750635575.583
Duke City Gladiators9540477401.556
Salina Bombers11650538479.545
Amarillo Venom13760699681.538
San Angelo Bandits111100386627.091
Omaha Beef121110395627.083
Champions Indoor Football Standings 2015 [Reference: 1]
DateHome Team Away Team 
 Playoffs – Semi-Finals   
11.06.15Texas Revolution39Wichita Force27
13.06.15Sioux City Bandits83Amarillo Venom52
 CIF Championship Game   
20.06.15Sioux City Bandits83Texas Revolution61
Champions Indoor Football Playoffs [Reference: 1]

Champions Indoor Football 2016

Northern Conference       
Wichita Force141220693612.857
Sioux City Bandits13760544499.538
Omaha Beef12750514487.583
Bloomington Edge14860662537.571
Chicago Eagles12390486584.250
Salina Liberty122100413575.167
Southern Conference       
Texas Revolution131030867682.769
Amarillo Venom151050842768.667
Dodge City Law13850709621.615
Duke City Gladiators12660568573.500
San Angelo Bandits122100537688.167
Mesquite Marshals122100479688.167
Champions Indoor Football Standings 2016 [Reference: 2]
DateHome Team Away Team 
 Conference Semi-Finals   
11.06.16Bloomington Edge65Sioux City Bandits45
11.06.16Amarillo Venom98Dodge City Law56
 Conference Championship Games   
18.06.16Wichita Force52Bloomington Edge51
18.06.16Amarillo Venom57Texas Revolution53
 CIF Championship Game   
27.06.16Wichita Force48Amarillo Venoom45
Champions Indoor Football Playoffs 2016 [Reference: 2]

Champions Indoor Football 2017

Sioux City Bandits141040831697.714
Omaha Beef14950659637.643
Bloomington Edge13760626605.538
Bismarck Bucks13580583650.385
West Michigan Ironmen12480568570.333
Kansas City Phantoms12480501592.333
Salina Liberty121110402546.083
Amarillo Venom131030828687.769
Dodge City Law13940689638.692
Texas Revolution13940786643.692
Dallas Marshals12750542567.583
Duke City Gladiators13760703582.538
Wichita Force12750567480.583
Centex Cavalry120120420811.000
Champions Indoor Football Standings 2017 [Reference: 3]
DateHome Team Away Team 

Champions Indoor Football 2018

Sioux City Bandits151140810618.733
Salina Liberty141040722558.714
Quad Cities Steamwheelers13850680545.615
Bismarck Bucks13580620667.385
Omaha Beef12480526617.333
Kansas City Phantoms12390538751.250
Duke City Gladiators151320742527.867
Amarillo Venom13850665561.615
Texas Revolution14680495542.429
Wichita Force13490529608.308
Dallas Marshals10190192393.100
Champions Indoor Football Standings 2018 [Reference: 4]
DateHome Team Away Team 
16.07.18Salina Liberty81Bismarck Bucks51
16.07.18Duke City Gladiators50Wichita Force39
16.07.18Sioux City Bandits54Quad Cities Steamwheelers46
18.07.18Amarillo Venom45Texas Revolution56
23.07.18Salina Liberty39Sioux City Bandits45
25.07.18Duke City Gladiators41Texas Revolution28
 CIF Championship Game   
30.07.18Duke City Gladiators31Sioux City Bandits27
Champions Indoor Football Playoffs 2018 [Reference: 5]

CIF 2019

*Salina Liberty14950682603.643
Omaha Beef13850578503.615
Sioux City Bandits12750692592.583
Wichita Force122100380663.167
*Duke City Gladiators141130830468.786
*Amarillo Venom13850756720.615
Texas Revolution9450269253.444
Oklahoma Flying Aces122100457630.167
NTX Savages303028241.000
Champions Indoor Football Standings 2019 [Reference: 6]

Note: Playoff Results counted in Standings. Note 2: Texas Revolution folded after 6 weeks – remaining 4 home games awarded 2-0 to opponents # and 3 remaining road games replaced by the NTX Savages.


DateHome TeamAway Team
29.06.2019Salina Liberty44Omaha Beef42
29.06.2019Duke City Gladiators70Amarillo Venom62
CIF Champions Bowl V
13.07.2019Duke City Gladiators35Salina Liberty29
Champions Indoor Football Playoffs 2019 [Reference: 7-8]

About the CIF

The Champions Indoor Football is a AA (Third Level) American Football League based primarily in the Southern & Southwestern States of the USA and Prairie States of the Mid-West. It is one of 4 AA Indoor Football Leagues in the USA, the others in the Eastern Seaboard (National Arena League & American Arena League) and West (American West Football Conference).

About Arena / Indoor Football

Indoor (also known as Arena) Football plays an 8 v 8 version of American Football on a converted Ice Hockey Rink 50-yards long with 2 10 -yard endzones. Teams have 5 downs (attempts) to score or the ball is turned over – 3 of which must be passing plays. It is therefore a higher scoring game than standard 11 v 11 American Football. The main difference between Arena Football and Indoor Football is that there is no rebound net either side of the goalposts in Indoor Football. Arena Football rules allow the ball stay in play when it comas back off the rebound nets.



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