American Football Association 1977-1983

American Football Association (1977-1983) Logo [8]

AFA 1977

*San Antonio Charros88001.000
Oklahoma City Warriors7430.571
Austin Texans8440.500
Wichita Falls Steelers7250.286
Houston Seagulls5050.000
Forth Worth Texas Stars1010.000

Reference: [1] Note: Forth Worth Texas Stars forced out of the League after 1 game. Houston Seagulls folded after 5 games. * San Antonio Charros champions.

Reference: [1]

AFA 1978

*Shreveport Steamers10910.900
*San Antonio Charros10640.600
*Houston Titans10640.600
*Oklahoma City Stampede10640.600
Wichita Falls Roughnecks10280.200
Austin Texans10190.100

Reference: [2]

DateHome TeamAway Team
02.09.1978Shreveport Steamer14Oklahoma City Stampede0
02.09.1978San Antonio CharrosWHouston TitansL
16.09.1978Shreveport Steamers17San Antonio Charros14 ot

Reference: [2]

AFA 1979

Eastern Conference
*Carolina Chargers141130.
*Jacksonville Firebirds131030
*Alabama Vulcans141040.857
Kentucky Trackers144100.286
Western Conference
*San Antonio Charros141040.571
Shreveport Steamers14950.643
Mississippi Stars14590.357
Arkansas Champs142120.143
Tulsa Mustangs5140.200

Reference: [3] Note: Tulsa Mustangs excluded from the League after 4 games: Marches against Shreveport, San Antonio, Jacksonville, Arkansas & Alabama expunged from record. Tulsa’s record shown here.

15.09.1979Jacksonville Firebirds28Alabama Vulcans21
15.09.1979Carolina Chargers28San Antonio Charros21
29.09.1979Jacksonville7Carolina Chargers21

Reference: [3]

AFA 1980

*Shreveport Steamers10910.900
*West Virginia Rockets11740.700
*Carolina Chargers11830.727
*San Antonio Charros10640.600
Jacksonville Firebirds12750.583
Austin Texans10460.400
Fort Worth Wranglers100100.000
Kentucky Trackers8080.000

Reference: [4] Note: Kentucky Trackers forced out of the League.

DateHome TeamAway Team
30.08.1980Carolina Chargers36San Antonio Charros20
30.08.1980Shreveport Steamer17West Virginia Rockets21
07.09.1980Carolina Chargers18West Virginia Rockets42

Reference: [4]

AFA 1981

Eastern Division
*West Virginia Rockets10910.900
*Jacksonville Firebirds9540.556
Virginia Hunters10550.500
Orlando Americans10370.300
Carolina Chargers4220.500
Western Division
*Chicago Fire11830.727
*San Antonio Charros11650.636
Shreveport Steamers9540.556
Texas Wranglers12570.429
Austin Texans10190.100

Reference: [5] Note: Carolina Chargers players walk out after 4 games, claiming not enough fans were turning up to enable them to make enough pay. Matches with Jacksonville (L 13-19), West Virginia (L 10-20), Chicago Fire (W 28-23) and San Antonio (W 51-39) expunged from record. Note 2: Austin Texans folded after 10 games.Note 3: Shreveport Steamer folded after 9 games.

23.08.1981Chicago Fire24Jacksonville Firebirds17
22.08.1981West Virginia Rockets41San Antonio Charros12
30.08.1981West Virginia Rockets29Chicago Fire21

Reference: [5]

AFA 1982

Southeast Division
*Carolina Storm1010001.000
*Georgia Pride10640.600
Alabama Magic10640209138.600
Tallahassee Statesmen10550.500
Jacksonville Sunbirds10370.300
Florida Sun4040.000
Southwest Division
*Shreveport Americans10820.800
*Oklahoma Thunder10820.800
*Texas Wranglers10820.800
San Antonio Bulls10460.400
Houston Armadillos10280.200
Austin Texans100100.000
Northeast Division
*Racine Gladiators1010001.000
*West Virginia Rockets10730.700
*Canton Bulldogs10640.600
Buffalo Geminis10370.300
Virginia Chargers10190.100
Roanoke Valley Express6330.500

Reference: [6]Note: Roanoke Valley Express & Florida Sun folded during season: remaining matches awarded to opponents.

1st Round Playoffs
07.08.1982Shreveport Americans42Georgia Pride35
07.08.1982Racine Gladiators44Canton Bulldogs6
07.08.1982Oklahoma Thunder13Texas Wranglers17
07.08.1982Carolina Storm61West Virginia Rockets15
2nd Round Playoffs
14.08.1982Shreveport Americans30Texas Wranglers27 ot
15.08.1982Carolina Storm35Racine Gladiators8
21.08.1982Carolina storm46Shreveport Americans22

Reference: [6]

AFA 1983

East Division
*San Antonio Bulls6510.833
Canton Bulldogs6510.833
Shreveport Steamers7520.826
Pittsburgh Colts5140.200
West Division
*Carolina Storm55001.000
Baton Rouge Red Wings5230.400
Dallas Wranglers6240.333
Charleston Rockets5140.200
Houston Mustangs4040.000
Oklahoma City Drillers2020.000

Reference: [7] Note: The Oklahoma City Drillers folded after 2 games.Note 2: Result of Carlina v Pittsburgh unknown.

American Bowl
23.07.1983Carolina Storm39San Antonio Bulls0

Reference: [7]


There were five different winners of the AFA over its seven seasons: San Antonio Charros (1997), Shreveport Steamers (1978), Jacksonville Firebirds (1979) and two-time winners West Virginia Rockets (1980-1981) and Carolina Storm (1982-1983).


The American Football Association was a AAA (Second Level) American Football League in between the World Football League (1974-1975) and the United States Football League (1983-1985). It operated from 1977-1983 mainly in the Southern States.



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