Alberta Football League 2019

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Final Standings

Cold Lake Fighter Jets871027270.875
*Calgary Wolfpack8530231229.625
*Central Alberta Buccaneers8530215197.625
*Fort McMurray Monarchs8350187244.375
*Airdrie Irish808065230.000
Alberta Football League Standings 2019 [Reference: [1-2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
17.08.2019Central Alberta Buccaneers28Fort McMurray Monarchs20
17.08.2019Calgary Wolfpack31Airdrie Irish14
24.06.2019Calgary Wolfpack30Central Alberta Buccaneers26
Alberta Football League Playoffs 2019 [Reference: 1]

Regular Season

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
25.05.2019Cold Lake Fighter Jets27Airdrie Irish6
25.05.2019Calgary Wolfpack21Central Alberta Buccaneers31
Week 2
01.06.2019Central Alberta Buccaneers 38Fort McMurray Monarxhs28
01.06.2019Airdrie Irish20Calgary Wolfpack21
Week 3
08.06.2019Cold Lake Fighter Jets30Calgary Wolfpack21
08.06.2019Fort McMurray Monarchs41Airdrie Irish20
Week 4
15.06.2019Cold Lake Fighter Jets49Fort McMurray Monarchs0
15.06.2019Airdrie Irish0Central Alberta Buccaners21
Week 5
22.06.2019Fort McMurray Monarchs31Calgary Wolfpack42
22.06.2019Central Alberta Buccaneers3Cold Lake Fighter Jets38
Week 6
06.07.2019Fort McMurray Monarchs27Central Alberta Buccaneers34
06.07.2019Calgary Wolfpack28Airdrie Irish9
Week 7
13.07.2019Airdrie Irish2Cold Lake Fighter Jets40
13.07.2019Central Alberta Buccaneers35Calgary Wolfpack49
Week 8
20.07.2019Central Alberta Buccaneers36Airdrie Irish0
20.07.2019Fort McMurray Monarchs14Cold Lake Fighter Jets11
Week 9
27.07.2019Calgary Wolfpack42Fort McMurray Monarchs30
27.07.2019Cold Lake Fighter Jets34Central Alberta Buccaneers17
Week 10
10.08.2019Airdrie Irish8Fort McMurray Monarchs16
10.08.2019Calgary Wolfpack7Cold Lake Fighter Jets43
Alberta Football League – Regular Season Results 2019 [Reference: 1]


The Airdrie Irish were named after the Irish Community. They lost all 8 games but still qualified for the Playoffs due to Regular Season Champions Cold Lake Fighter Jets (7-1) being excluded. The Championship Final was won by the Calgary Wolfpack, 30-26, over the Central Alberta Buccaneers. Fort McMurray Monarchs were the other team in the League, and also reached the Playoffs.


The Alberta Football League is a Provincial Level League in the Canadian Football League System. It was started in 1964 and gives players a chance to continue playing after High School, University or even the Canadian Football League.



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