Australian Football League Ireland | Women’s Super 7s 2019

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West Clare Waves880026512221732
West Dublin Garrisons841316412812821
Dublin Angels840416414511320
Liffey Blues8125972064713
South Dublin Swans41035375717
Midland Tigers401342105405

Reference: Compiled from Results in [1][2]


DateTeam 1Team 2
Round 1
11.05.19West Clare Waves5.3 (32)Dublin Angels0.1 (1)
11.05.19Liffey Blues2.2 (14)South Dublin Swans2.1 (13)
11.05.19West Clare Waves5.0 (30)West Dublin Garrisons1.1 (7)
11.05.19Dublin Angels5.3 (33)Liffey Blues0.1 (1)
11.05.19West Clare Waves4.4 (28)South Dublin Swans3.3 (21)
11.05.19West Dublin Garrisons5.1 (31)South Dublin Swans1.0 (6)
11.05.19West Clare Waves4.4 (28)Liffey Blues4.3 (27)
11.05.19South Dublin Swans2.1 (13)Dublin Angels0.2 (2)
11.05.19Dublin Angels2.2 (14)West Dublin Garrisons2.0 (12)
11.05.19West Dublin Garrisons1.4 (10)Liffey Blues1.4 (10)
Round 2
08.06.19West Clare Waves5.8 (38)West Dublin Garrisons2.2 (14)
08.06.19Dublin Angels4.9 (33)Midland Tigers0.3 (3)
08.06.19West Clare Waves4.8 (32)Liffey Blues2.2 (14)
08.06.19West Dublin Garrisons5.1 (31)Dublin Angels2.0 (12)
08.06.19Midland Tigers2.2 (14)Liffey Blues2.2 (14)
08.06.19West Clare Waves7.3 (45)Dublin Angels3.4 (22)
08.06.19West Dublin Garrisons4.6 (30)Midland Tigers1.3 (9)
08.06.19Dublin Angels7.5 (47)Liffey Blues1.2 (8)
08.06.19West Clare Waves4.8 (32)Midland Tigers2.4 (16)
08.06.19West Dublin Garrisons4.5 (29)Liffey Blues1.3 (9)

Reference: [1][2]


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