American 7s Football League 2015-2019

American 7s Football League Logo [Ref: 6]

A7FL 2017

North Division
1*NJ Chiefs101000344154
2*PA Immotalz11830375232
3*PA Dynasty9540264249
4*NJ Savage8440181142
5PA Th67340124142
6PA REAL7250144198
7PA Misfits7160174246
8NJ Animals716092291
South Division
1*NJ Paterson U9810174112
2*NJ BIC8530200160
3*Baltimore Gators8530165129
4*Baltimore Kings7430129100
5Baltimore Bulldogs7340121126
6Baltimore Cobras7340121127
7NJ Spank Town Boyz7160103213
8NJ Thrashers707061177
American 7s Football League Standings 2017 [Ref: 8]
DateHome TeamAway Team
Round 1
25.06.2017NJ Paterson U7NJ Savage0
25.06.2017PA Immortalz41NJ BIC27
NJ ChiefscBaltimore Kingsc
25.06.2017Baltimore Gators26PA Dynasty27
Round 2
02.07.2017NJ Paterson U15PA Immortalz51
02.07.2017NJ Chiefs40PA Dynasy20
09.07.2017PA Immortalz26NJ Chiefs28
American 7s Football League Playoffs 2017 [Ref: 8]

A7FL 2018

North East Division
1*Baltimore Gators111100308112
2*Baltimore Vikings111010295138
3*NJ Paterson U10820211120
4*PA Immortalz10730325157
5*NJ Savage10640257113
6*Baltimore Army8530206114
7*Baltimore Bulldogs10550208156
8*New Jersey BIC8530155168
9*Diamond Dynasty10460206248
10*PA Misfits8440162241
11*Baltimore Cobras8260176167
12Spanktown Boyz724184148
13NJ Hawks725079168
14Silk City Animals725058158
15Baltimore Red Hawks725081186
16*Union City Chiefs8161122148
17New Jersey Thrashers707054245
18Washington Vipers707012122
American 7s Football League Standings 2018 Reference: [1]
DateHome Team Away Team 
 Round 1   
24.06.2018Baltimore Army20Diamond Dynasty24
24.06.2018Baltimore Bulldogs45PA Misfits19
10.06.2018NJ Savage36Baltimore Cobras18
 Round 2   
24.06.2018Diamond Dynasty28Baltimore Vikings36
 Round 3   
01.07.2018Baltimore Vikings20PA Immortalz18
01.07.2018Baltimore Gators31NJ Paterson U13
 Round 4   
08.07.2018Baltimore Vikings14Baltimore Gators28
American 7s Football League Playoffs 2018 [Ref: 1]

Seven-Game Season Plus Playoffs which counted in the Standings.

A7FL 2019

North East Division
1*PA Immortalz10910256138
2*NJ Paterson U10820354182
3*NJ Savage9720219160
4*Baltimore Cobras10730272247
5*Baltimore Army8530175107
6*Baltimore Panthers8530203143
7*New Jersey BIC9540224212
8NJ Hawks7430140164
9*PA Misfits8350193187
10*Baltimore Gators8350205206
11*Baltimore Bulldogs8350140158
12*Baltimore Vikings9360155193
13Silk City Animals7250113202
14Spanktown Boyz725054207
15NJ Renegades707086211
16Baltimore Nightmare7070106305
American 7s Football League Standings 2019 [Ref: 2]
DateHome TeamAway Team
Wild Card
23.06.2019Baltimore Bulldogs24Baltimore Cobras31
23.06.2019Baltimore Panthers22Baltimore Vikings24
23.06.2019NJ Hawks0Baltimore Gators28
23.06.2019PA Misfits13New Jersey BIC40
Elite 8
30.06.2019Baltimore Army0Baltimore Cobras8
30.06.2019Baltimore Vikings35NJ Paterson U7
30.06.2019PA Immortalz21Baltimore Gators12
30.06.2019NJ Savage20New Jersey BIC12
Final 4
07.07.2019Baltimore Cobras34NJ Paterson U49
07.07.2019PA Immortalz20NJ Savage19
14.07.2019NJ Paterson U19PA Immortalz26
American 7s Football League Playoffs 2019 [Ref: 2]


The idea for American 7s came to Ryan DePaul late in 2002. His High School Football playing career was over and there was no possibility of playing College Football. He was playing pick-up, no pads or helmet football in parks and thought it needed codifying, so in 2005 he began to develop 7v7 No Pads, No Helmet, Tackle American Football.

In 2014 he was approached by lifelong friend and entrepreneur, Sener Korkusuz about launching the League to Major League level. Soon afterwards the American 7s Football League was born, starting its first season in March 2015.

The 2015 season was covered in Regional Press in Maryland and well as National and International Websites, with the 2015 Champion being Paterson New Jersey U. The 2016 Champions was Trenton New Jersey Brothers in Christ (New Jersey BIC), and in 2017 Union City (New Jersey) Chiefs won the Chapionship, which was a milestone for the league as it was televised on ELEVEN Sports Network in 70 Million households in the USA and 8 countries Worldwide.

In 2018 the League was won by Baltimore Gators, 28-14 over Baltimore Vikings, and in 2019, PA Immortalz won the Championship, defeating NJ Paterson U 26-19. For the 2020 Season the League added a West Coast Division with teams in Long Beach, Riverside and San diego, but was cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Investors included former NFL Player and household name, Deion “Prime Time” Sanders. [Ref: 4-5]

PA Immortalz – A7FL Champions 2019 [Ref: 7]



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